Sunshine sibling box 

Our sunshine sibling boxes are for children born before the loss of the baby. They are designed to help families talk together about the loss of the baby and can be tailored to the age of the child who is receiving it.

*Please note that these boxes are designed for children to help them remember and talk about the loss of their sibling. However, all the items in the box should be used under the supervision of an adult as the manufacturers of items include warnings that their products could potentially pose a risk to younger children. 







Our sunshine sibling box contains...

  • Big bunny, baby bunny and book - We include a large and small, soft and comforting Jelly Cat bunny. The large bunny is kept for the older child, while the baby bunny goes with the baby, along with the teddy from the adult memory box. This bunny gives the siblings a connection between them and comes with a book about the bunny written by Jelly Cat, which is about the love and care the parent gives the bunny. Although it's not a book about loss, it's a lovely story to engage the child.
  • Notebook, diary or colouring book - Depending on the age of the child, we include a book that's designed as either a notebook or diary for older children, or a colouring book for a younger child. We recognise the importance of allowing children to express themselves at this sad time and it can also help a child to talk to adults about how they might be feeling.
  • Tissues - Reminding a child that what has happened is upsetting and it's ok to cry. 
  • Forget me not seeds - To plant in remembrance of their sibling.
  • Balloons and bubbles - To release on special occasions and anniversaries so they can be involved with parents on those days. 
  • Storybook about the loss of a baby - It's sometimes hard to find the words for children, and these specialist books will help parents to talk openly about loss.