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Extra items available

  • Tiny baby clothes - We provide clothing for babies as small as 1lb. Our range of outfits include baby vests, baby grows, baby jackets and little dresses. We also have packs of nappies, socks and mittens for babies born at 20, 22 and 24 weeks.
  • Baby blankets - We provide a wide range of baby blankets to suite a range of tastes.
  • Baby hooded towels and baby wash - We provide hooded towels and individual baby wash for parents who want to wash their baby after they die. This means that they can keep the towel in their memory box and they can keep the bottle of baby wash as well. If the baby cannot be washed, the towel can be used after birth and then kept by parents if they wish.
  • Clay impression kits - Available for parents to get hand and footprints of their baby if possible.