Memory box

Our boxes contain items that we feel could be of meaningful use to parents who have suffered the loss of a baby, before during and after birth.

Our memory box contains...

  • Hand and footprint card - To allow parents to record hand and footprints of their baby.
  • ‘Guess how much I love you’ storybook - It is sometimes difficult to find the words to say to a baby once it has died, and so we have included this storybook to give parents the opportunity to interact with their baby.
  • Memory card and photo album - When Isla died, the last thing on our mind was taking photographs. I was uncomfortable as I wondered if it was ‘normal’ to want to do this and was scared of what people might think. I found that this was quite a common feeling for bereaved parents so by including these items, it's more about telling families that it's ‘ok’ to take photos and give them a place to store those images digitally. 
  • Matching teddy bears - Within our boxes are a pair of identical teddies, we feel that it’s a comfort for one to be placed with baby and the other to be kept within the box for parents to treasure.
  • Candle - This is for parents to light in memory of their baby on such things as anniversaries and special dates throughout the following years. The candle is placed within a glass holder so can be replaced if wished.
  • Keepsake Box - It may be possible to have such keepsakes like a lock of hair or cot band and so this box keeps it separate and protected from other contents of the box.
  • Notebook and Pen - When parents suffer a loss, so much information is spoken to them and it must be impossible for them to remember anything let alone everything, so this notebook can be helpful for them to jot down and record details that they can read through at another time.
  • Memory Book - This is to record special details about the baby, such as weight, height etc…
  • Heart in their hand key ring - This key ring has a push out silver heart to place in baby's hand while the rest of the key ring stays with parents. 
  • Snowdrop peg doll - This beautiful peg doll is handmade and decorated with snowdrops. It comes with a beautiful baby loss poem. 
  • ‘Love you to the moon and back’ decorative pebble - Lovely to hold, display in the family home or leave at baby's final resting place. 
  • Book of poems - Sourced from Sands and written by fellow bereaved parents. 
  • Certificate of life and box - For babies who die before 24 weeks, parents will not be able to register the birth. We provide a certificate of life for the hospital to complete and certificate box to keep this in. 
  • Forget me not seeds - For families to plant in remembrance of their baby.